Why trees mean life

Trees help lift people out of extreme poverty and hunger

Trees provide produce like fruits, nuts and honey, shea butter and mangoes which villagers grow to eat and to sell, paying for their children’s healthcare and education. Trees can survive drought even when other crops fail.

Trees protect the environment

Trees make the land more fertile by keeping the top soil in place and putting important nutrients back into the ground. Their roots stabilise the ground preventing it from being washed away during the annual rains. Trees mean:

  • food, vitamins and nutrients all year round, even when other crops fail
  • money from selling tree products to buy food, education and health
  • health as some trees can be used in natural medicine
  • enriched soil, making the land more fertile for crops to grow
  • shade from the scorching heat for people, wildlife and for the crops
  • tools and shelter made from bark and fallen wood

Living proof

Jalia lives in Walambele village in northern Ghana. Trees have helped her change her life beyond recognition.

“Thanks to TREE AID, I can afford to send all of my children to school and one is even at university. I have now set up other businesses based on the skills that TREE AID taught me and now I loan money to other people in my village who can’t afford the banks’ high interest rates.
“I would never have been able to do any of these things without TREE AID’s project. I can now stand on my own two feet and plan for the future.”
Jalia Dimmie, Walembele village.