What we do

We work to create thriving, sustainable communities throughout the isolated and remote regions of Africa. We work with locally-based teams in the drylands of Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger and the isolated areas of Ethiopia, working with communities to build skills, knowledge and self-reliance. TREE AID:

  • Gives vital food all year round, with trees that can survive droughts.
  • Helps people earn an income for basic needs like food, education and health.
  • Protects the environment using trees, land and water to protect and improve it.
  • Defends people’s rights to the trees and land on which they rely for survival

Food and nutrition

In the areas in which we work, one child dies of hunger every two minutes – but there is hope. We help villagers grow and use trees for nutritious food all year round.

Earning an income

When you have no money, basics like health care and education are out of reach. We help villagers use tree products to make the money they desperately need, by providing business skills training, improving production and creating opportunities to work together.

Looking after the environment

We support people to grow trees to improve the environment. Trees improve soil quality for better harvests, reduce soil loss through wind or flooding, protect ecosystems and increase biodiversity. This keeps the environment fertile generation after generation.

Defending people’s rights

A tree is no use to you if you can’t reach it, or if someone else harvests its produce. We also work with communities to agree rules for using shared forests, so the environment is protected, and the forests become a group interest.