Make a major donation

Major donation

A  major donation (over £5,000) can transform lives and landscapes for some of the poorest families on the planet.

Your gift can support a specific project, fund a specific country or theme, or re-green decimated landscapes. Each major gift enables families to help themselves and their environment out of poverty for the long term – improving resilience to hunger and climate change, and ensuring children are well fed and educated now and in the future.

Fund a project

womens-forest-livelihoodsSupporting 4,350 women in Yako, Burkina Faso to earn a living from trees. Burkina Faso is the 4th poorest country in the world. Land locked and suffering from massive deforestation and lack of opportunity, only 3% of women in the country earn a salary. The Women’s Forest Livelihoods project trains women in business skills, market analysis and product development, helping them identify and access markets for tree products like shea butter, mango, and baobab. As a result of previous similar TREE AID projects in Mali, household incomes have increased by 37%, with women in control of this additional income. The impact for families is huge: children can go to school, food can be bought year round, health improves and families begin to prosper and thrive. A generous gift of £101,470 can fund an entire project like Women’s Forest Livelihoods for a whole year, supporting thousands of families with all they need so they can learn to use trees to provide food and income for themselves, now and into the future.

Plant trees

plantTreesMake a gift of £5,000 or more and you can support family farmers to plant trees in their fields and around their homes. Trees can make a huge difference to harvests for families when they are planted and managed as crops. Some trees, like the Acacia family, naturally improve the quality of the soil resulting in healthier crops and bigger harvests. Trees improve biodiversity and protect against erosion, flooding and drought. For the families TREE AID works with, tree leaves, seeds, fruit and nuts are all key foods that add vital nutrients to traditional diets and keep children healthy and strong through the lean months.

Support a country or theme

country-themeYou can target your support to a specific country – Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ethiopia – or support a theme of work – Trees for Enterprise or Trees for the Environment.

Make a gift of £10,000 or more and your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest within the country or theme of your choice. Your gift could support training and skills development for family farmers in environmental protection and restoration, or help a community set up a thriving tree enterprise cooperative. If your heart is set on Ethiopia for example, then you can help families from the Highlands to the plains to use trees to grow themselves out of poverty for the long term. This is a flexible and useful gift which enables real impact where the need is greatest.

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