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We offer a range of ideas and lesson plans for activities to enable young people to understand the crucial role played by trees in the drylands of Africa, and their cultural significance.

These activities will also support Education for Global Citizenship, helping pupils understand their world, and the need for a sustainable future.Current activities are based around the National Curriculum objectives for Literacy and Geography, with links to Science and ICT, and ideas for Art.


Activity One: An introduction to Africa

An introduction to Africa – Africa race  how much do your pupils already know about the beautiful continent

The Fab Baobab: fun interactive quiz to test your pupils’ knowledge of this iconic and important tree – a perfect introduction for National Tree Week

Interactive powerpoint  – TREE AID in Africa Introducing the climatic zones and landscape of the African continent and where TREE AID’s work is carried out

Activity 2: Literacy Unit (KS2)

Fables, Myths and Parables: Lesson plans, handouts and interactive presentations:

Tales from beneath the Baobab – Unit overview

Film Resources

Film 1

Trees Mean Life: Short (6 min) film, showing how people living on the edge of the Sahara desert are forced to over-exploit their environment, and how trees can provide a lasting solution, restoring the land and providing food security. Suitable for KS2, 3 & 4. Excellent case studies and images.

Our GCSE students find it one of the most compelling case studies we cover. The link between the environment and development is a simple one but one they didn’t realise could exist before studying this example of the trees and water and drought link.”  Paul Rawlett (teacher)

Film 2

Engaging short film, showing how trees can provide solutions to poverty in Africa, and help the environment at the same time.  useful as an introduction to National Tree Week.  Suitable for KS2, 3 & 4  (1 min 25 sec)

Accompanying presentations:

Introducing fables presentation

Features of fables and parables presentation

Writing fables – presentation

Planning tree– Fables

Tall tales

ICT research – Fab BaobabFab Baobab

Watch a short film on deforestation


The TREE AID cycle diagram

What we do

Where we work

Why trees are great

Free Tree Card Resources:

Email today and we will send you up to 10 sets of Tree Cards the Moringa card is pictured

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Resources by: Jacqui Taylor, Katie Goldsmith, Jen Parsons, Juste Angelo Compaore and Adrian Senior

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