TREE AID Insight series


The TREE AID Insight series is a set of guides which bring together our experience, our knowledge and the lessons we’ve learnt about how trees can be used to protect the environment and reduce poverty in Africa. Each guide will look into a different area of our work. The first guide is Building Resilience to Climate Shocks.

 Building Resilience to Climate Shocks

‘Climate resilience’ is how prepared a system is to withstand weather extremes, without losing its ability to function properly. These “systems” could be ecosystems or social systems.

Silvia Boschetto, Director of Global Programmes, said: “This guide explains the importance of climate resilience and uses TREE AID’s experiences gained over 27 years of working in the drylands and highlands of Africa to show how this resilience can be developed. With the effects of climate change increasingly being felt by the poorest people in Africa, now it is more important than ever to share what we know about how to help people develop that ability”

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TREE AID’s work on climate resilience wouldn’t have been possible without the Big Lottery Fund, the Darwin Initiative, the European Commission, the Jersey Overseas Aid Commission or the Vitol Foundation. We’d like to express our gratitude for their funding and support of our work.