Earning an income

TREE AID works with people living in extreme poverty in isolated and remote communities in Africa. Here, almost two-thirds of people struggle for survival day after day.

Without income, basics like health care and education are out of reach. There’s no free health service, and you can’t go to school unless you have a uniform, books and pens. Saving and planning are impossible, and a small crisis can easily become a disaster.

Even a small income can make a huge difference – and that’s what trees can provide.

How TREE AID helps

We help villagers use tree products to make the money they desperately need, by providing business skills training, improving production and creating opportunities to work together.

Living proof: an income for Ama


Ama Yahaya and her children live in a remote village in the drylands of Northern Ghana. For six months of the each year Ama’s family was hungry, eating just one meal a day, often less. She was desperate to help them, but how?

The answer came from the shea tree. TREE AID helped Ama learn how to make shea butter and sell it for a good price in local markets. Now Ama can buy extra food to see her family through the hungry months, and she has even saved enough money to send her children to school.