Reports, Magazine and other publications

Over nearly 30 years of work in Africa’s drylands, TREE AID has built a considerable  library of project reports, case studies and other publications. It has also developed a school resources section allowing teachers to plan lesson and activities to understand the crucial role played by trees in the drylands of Africa, and their cultural significance.

Annual reports

TREE AID’s Annual Reports.

Update Magazine

Read our quarterly magazine to find out about our current projects.

Insight Series

Evaluation of some of the technical aspects of our work.

Our Approach

Delivering Sustainable Change: TREE AID’s approach.

Village Tree Enterprise

Village Tree Enterprise Development work in Mali & Burkina Faso (2003-2012)

Trees for Change

Trees for Change project, Burkina Faso 2007 – 2012

Our Strategy Summary

Growing Hope: TREE AID’s 2017-2022 Strategy Summary

Our Strategy

Full strategy

Growing Hope: TREE AID’s 2017-2022 Full Strategy