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Bissiga village residents

Trees: the solution to a “perfect storm” of challenges

The recent instability in Mali has highlighted to the world the myriad development challenges facing millions of people across Africa’s Sahel region. More and more development experts are beginning to promote a simple solution to complex challenges: planting trees. On 29th January, Dr Chris Reij of the World Resources Institute described agroforestry as “the future

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Davos delegates call for action on food security

Last week, global leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced that it is time to “step up” to improve to improve worldwide food security. At the WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland, delegates called for greater efforts to improve the sustainability and efficiency of food production. Working through the WEF’s New Vision for Agriculture initiative,

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TREE AID on the Great Comic Relief Bake Off!

On Thursday 24th January, TREE AID appeared on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off. The show featured celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale reporting on honey production at TREE AID’s project sites in northern Ghana. Our work supports villagers to produce and market honey so that they can generate income to provide their families with essentials such as

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femme EFV de la comune de seguenega participant à l'atelier communal de définition d'une demarche d'elaboraton des PGFC et PCF

Launch of the Women’s Forest Livelihoods project in Burkina Faso

Our Women’s Forest Livelihoods project launched in November when our UK project partners Bioclimate visited the communities involved in this project in Burkina Faso. This will be the first of TREE AID’s projects to include a community based carbon credit scheme that will allow communities to gain an income from forest management and environmental protection

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TREE AID heads east to Kenya

Our Chief Executive, Dr Philip Goodwin and our Programmes Director, Tony Hill, along with colleagues from TREE AID’s West Africa Team are embarking on the first TREE AID mission to Kenya this week. The TREE AID team will be undertaking two feasibility studies, one in the North of Kenya near Isiolo and one in the

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Visit to areas of fixed dunes at Bankass 2

TREE AID’s work in Mali

Mali has been in the news a lot recently because of the growing conflict between anti-government groups including Islamic extremists and the Malian authorities. Whilst the Malian government had lost control of the North of the country over a year ago, the threat of Islamic extremist groups taking control of towns further south has forced

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Time for trees? Severe heatwaves set to devastate crop yields

Today, the world faces a food crisis with 1 billion people going hungry, a figure which is expected to rise by a further 2 billion by 2050. The past 50 years have seen significant rises in crop productivity. However this is set to decline as severe heatwaves become more frequent around the world. Predictions indicate

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Shea and Balanza field trees with modest crop of millet read

Delivering Sustainable Change: TREE AID’s approach

‘Delivering Sustainable Change’, a paper authored by TREE AID programmes staff, comes at a time when the notion of development is under scrutiny. With the need to show results from international development spending greater than ever, the paper outlines TREE AID’s dedication to securing a legacy of positive change for some of the poorest communities

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Annual Review 2011 – 2012

The new Annual Review is now available to download, in this edition we report back on our achievements for the year and illustrating how our supporters are helping us to make a difference for families and communities in Africa’s drylands. Click here to view the Annual Review (PDF 5.18 MB) To view our Annual Reports click here Subscribe

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Sinsagou village

Rio 20: Sustainability Commitments

At the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, member nations made commitments. The event followed on from the Earth Summit in 1992, also held in Rio de Janeiro, during which countries adopted Agenda 21 – a blueprint to rethink economic growth, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection.

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In the face of chronic food shortages and drought in the Sahel, some communities are faring substantially better than others. One reason lies in the cultivation of trees that are resistant to drought and provide nutritional food throughout the year, as well as providing income.  New research by TREE AID shows how trees are a means of

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Summer Update Magazine

The new Update Magazine is now available to download, in this edition we focus on natural resource management techniques showing how the power of trees can break the cycle of poverty and enrich the environment, making land more productive. Click here to view the Summer Update Magazine (PDF 3,106 KB) Subscribe to our mailing list Subscribe to

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Children in the desert

A cry for help: disaster in the desert

A humanitarian crisis looms in West Africa, where nearly 15 million people and roughly one million children are at risk. There are places where some aid is arriving and others that have received no help at all.  It is a race against time in Niger where child malnutrition is at emergency levels – a country

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Scaling Denali for TREE AID

We are delighted to announce that our long-term supporter Paul Rochford will soon be taking off on another intrepid expedition, hoping to raise a marvellous £15,000 for TREE AID’s Community Self Reliance Project in Northern Ghana. This May, the month of his 61st birthday, Paul is heading to Alaska to climb Mount Denali (also called

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Compaoré Fati selling  condiments especially dried baobab leavesF

Baobab part of the answer to solving hidden and not so hidden hunger

CIFOR scientist Terry Sunderland, who co-edited a recent special issue of the International Forestry Review on forests, biodiversity and food security states that “Forty percent of the world’s food originates from diverse smallholder farmers, so the potential of agroforestry [trees on farms] to improve livelihoods and nutrition in sub-SaharanAfrica is vast.  Integrating trees on farms not

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Orchard of Seydou Tessougé at Kogo

Drumstick and monkey bread leaves: famine foods for Mali

As food crisis grips the Sahel this year, Mali looks set to be amongst the worst-affected countries as conflict exacerbates its already fragile situation. With crop failures and the death of livestock, a huge problem is nutrient deficiency. People often have to survive off menial amounts of starches such as millet and have very little in

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this one

Spring Update Magazine

The new Update Magazine is now available to download, in this edition we look at the complex and tense issues of land and forest rights across the Sahel when governments, traditional authorities, big business and local people all have different interests. Click here to view the Spring Update Magazine (PDF 3,984KB) Subscribe to our mailing list

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Children in Nobéré

Response to Niger crisis

As the food crisis worsens in Niger, we are beginning work to extend our Village Tree Enterprise programme into the country, reaching 70 communities and 30,000 people current facing drought and hunger. By supporting farmer-entrepreneurs to make money from trees, our approach will create sustainable businesses and increase household food security. 5.5 million people are

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basic condiments of kapok sauce (kapok flower calices and prF

Food solutions for Niger

This year, upwards of 10 million people across the West African Sahel are once again facing a severe food crisis. At the root of the crisis lies drought; another year of erratic and unpredictable rains has led to massive crop failures. The worst affected country is currently Niger, where 1.9 million people already face starvation,

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World Water Day

First steps for River Trees World Water Day (22nd March) provides the perfect opportunity for an update on the early stages of TREE AID’s first River Trees project in the Bongo District of Northern Ghana – and the impact that it will have for communities living there. A big problem in Bongo over the past

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mother's day_highres_casestudy

Grow a tree of hope this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day help TREE AID celebrate 25 years of supporting mums in Africa by planting a tree for your own mum.  For just £10 you could grow a mango, shea or baobab tree in her name and help African women and their families grow themselves a better future. For women surviving on the edge

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