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Family buying Christmas tree

Grow Hope this Christmas

Buy one tree, give another for free this Christmas! For every tree sold at The Christmas Forest, they donate so another tree can be planted by a family in Africa. The Christmas Forest has already enabled thousands of families to plant 150,622 trees across Africa’s drylands, Growing Hope for some of the poorest people on

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A day in the life of two working mums

Life is hard for mums – lots of demands on your attention and never enough time. But for mums in the remote African countryside where TREE AID works, life is unbelievably tough. Two working mums Alice, from the UK and Amina, from Ghana, share what daily life is like in their villages… Alice This is Alice,

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TREE AID launch Grow Hope appeal to raise £250,000

A child dies every two minutes from hunger and malnutrition in the isolated African drylands[1], TREE AID warns today, as it launches an appeal to help 32,000 families. Climate change & deforestation, has left vast swathes of the region lacking the right conditions to grow food for local communities – leaving many to go hungry.

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TREE AID staff safe amid military coup in Burkina Faso

Update 17.00 07.10.15 All TREE AID staff have now returned to their home countries. Our offices are open and our projects are operating as normal. The transitional civilian government have been returned to power and the leader of the junta, Gen Gilbert Diendere, has been charged with crimes associated with the coup. Update 14.40 24.09.15

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Reo, Burkina Faso, May 2012: A mango orchard funded by Tree Aid. (more infop to follow) 

Photo by Mike Goldwater

TREE AID data sharing promise

There have been reports in the news recently about charities selling supporter data to third parties. TREE AID would like to reassure you that we do not sell supporters personal details to anyone, and do not give them to anyone (unless required to by a law enforcement agency). John Moffett, CEO TREE AID, said: “Without

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TREE AID statement on the flooding in West Africa

There is currently severe flooding in Burkina Faso and Niger attributed to the El Niño weather system. El Niño has caused a delayed onset of the rainy season and now unseasonably heavy rains. This flooding has already affected over 40,000 people and demolished over 5,000 homes. It is likely that this extreme weather will affect

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Tree planting helps lift people out of poverty in Ethiopia

TREE AID has supported projects in Ethiopia since the 1980s famine that killed nearly 1 million people. We’ve made good progress, as shown in a recent visit to by our CEO, John Moffett. Today, the people of Ethiopia still experience extreme poverty: according to the  UN Human Development Index, 31% of the population live on less

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Ethiopia visit for TREE AID CEO John Moffett

Ethiopia has been in the news recently as President Obama is due to visit next week and a recent UN conference in Addis Ababa was successful in reaching an agreement for future development funding. Ethiopia is also looking at green energy as a long term development, and much progress has been made with regreening.TREE AID

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TREE AID’s Summer Appeal

Ethiopia’s false banana tree is good for many things… But it can never feed a family. Many Ethiopian families rely on the false banana tree for food, grinding the roots into flour to make kocho, a fermented bread. But it contains little nutrition, it simply fills children’s bellies without providing any goodness. Many families are struggling

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TREE AID welcomes Pope’s statement on climate change

TREE AID is delighted to welcome the recent statement by the Pope calling for strong and immediate action on climate change. In his first “encyclical”, a statement to non-Catholics on current moral issues, he has said that it is imperative that humans recognise their responsibility for climate change and take action to prevent it. He

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In conversation with John Moffett, TREE AID’s new CEO

John Moffett will be joining TREE AID as CEO in June. He was born in County Down in Northern Ireland and is currently living in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. John has an excellent track record in international development and has spent most of his career working on behalf of communities in Africa. After graduating with

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TREE AID celebrates International Day of Forests and the Tree

Today TREE AID is celebrating the International Day of Forests and the Tree. Forests cover one third of the Earth’s land mass and around 1.6 billion people across the world depend on forests for their livelihood. In the harsh, isolated, drylands of West Africa, where TREE AID works, people depend on trees for their survival. 

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How to: Turn Trees to Treasure

  Under the shade of a Neem tree, a woman sits on a small wooden stall, continuously stirring a roasting pot. Behind her a blind woman pounds shea nuts into a fine powder. Two other women are bent over, straight-backed, in a position that would impress even the most talented yoga practitioner, as they energetically

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Gifts that Grow

Change lives with Gifts that Grow

Gifts that Grow help communities across the African drylands transform their lives and protect their environment. TREE AID’s charity gifts are suitable for all occasions: Christmas, birthdays, weddings – or simply to say “thank you”. Gifts start from as little as £5 and include: Trees & Seedlings: Mango, Baobab, Shea and more – give a villager a miracle

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Hunger and ambition in rural Ghana

Our resources are not equal to the ambition of our women. We are  capable and motivated and it is frustrating to have so little from which to build. All we’re asking for is the opportunity to work to improve our lives and those of our children My name is Salah Sakearu, I’m 35 and I’m

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Seven Summits Climbed for TREE AID

James Ogilvie has recently returned from the successful ascent of Mt Vinson in January. This was the final expedition of a 20 year long quest to climb the Seven Summits – the highest mountains on all seven continents, raising funds for TREE AID along the way. He has become one of  very few Brits to accomplish

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Local boy holding baobab fruits

Baobab- the ‘superfood’ that saves lives

Abandon your quinoa, discard your spirolina, throw away your goji berries. There’s a new superfood in town for 2015 and it’s the baobab fruit.  And it’s being promoted here, there and everywhere for its health-giving properties.  The baobab fruit is a strange beast, encased in large furry pods that hang from the huge tree’s sparse branches.

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James Ogilvie on the summit of Everest

Going to the ends of the earth for TREE AID

James Ogilvie is climbing the seven highest summits in the world and raising money for TREE AID. Having already climbed six of the summits, he is currently training for the ultimate challenge, Antarctica’s Vinson, in January 2015. This will complete his Seven Summits Challenge on the world’s continents, raising money for TREE AID on each expedition.

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