Grow Hope appeal

Kazengo’s family have nothing to eat

This is Kazengo. She spends her days in constant worry for the welfare of her family.
Because, where she lives – in rural Burkina Faso – food is scarce and her family have very little to eat.
Kazengo, her children and her grandchildren are going hungry.

But she knows that trees – and someone like you – can save her

When Kazengo was a young girl, the forest by her village was thick and dense. They relied on the fruit trees around them for nutritious meals all year round. But over the years, the trees have disappeared and opportunities to find food and earn an income disappeared with them.

Today, out of desperation, Kazengo walks to the neighbouring villages to collect nuts. It’s an upsetting experience and she goes very early in the morning to avoid being caught.

TREE AID supporters can help Kazengo transform her life

A gift of £10 could plant a shea tree, providing Kazengo with a means of earning an income. With a little expert help, Kazengo could learn how to produce shea butter from the nuts of her shea trees and sell this at market. And she can use this money to buy food for her children.


Please make a donation to our Grow Hope appeal today to help a woman like Kazengo earn money to buy food for her children and live a life free from poverty.

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Our Grow Hope appeal

TREE AID launched its Grow Hope appeal on 1st October. Please donate today to help us reach our target this year to:

  • set up 350 village tree enterprises to help communities start earning an income from trees
  • help 78,000 people lift themselves and their families out of poverty
  • grow nearly 1 million trees

TREE AID is working with families in Kazengo’s village, and across West Africa and Ethiopia, to help them get more from their trees. Trees are a lifeline for the vulnerable families we work with – they provide fruits and nuts all year round for families to eat and offer a means of earning an income from the sale of these fruits and nuts. With your support, we work with families to ensure they have the tools and skills they need to thrive and live a life free from poverty.

Make a donation online, or call our Supporters Team on 0117 909 6363.

Cheques, made payable to TREE AID, can be sent to Freepost TREE AID

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