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This National Tree Week, help plant trees and save lives in Africa

This year to celebrate National Tree Week, development charity TREE AID is calling for support to spread the benefits of trees, by helping communities in Africa plant trees and Grow Hope for their families. Every 2 minutes a child dies from hunger and malnutrition in the drylands.  Deforestation and climate change have led to degradation

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TREE AID teams up with One Tree Per Child to plant 10,000 new trees

Press Release via Bristol City Council Kevin McCloud and Pat Cash join local people to plant a unique tree ‘cathedral’ as part of Bristol’s One Tree Per Child and Future Perfect Public Art programmes.   As the tree-planting season gets underway, television broadcaster Kevin McCloud, former Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash,  Bristol Mayor George Ferguson, One

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In conversation with John Moffett, TREE AID’s new CEO

John Moffett will be joining TREE AID as CEO in June. He was born in County Down in Northern Ireland and is currently living in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. John has an excellent track record in international development and has spent most of his career working on behalf of communities in Africa. After graduating with

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How to: Turn Trees to Treasure

  Under the shade of a Neem tree, a woman sits on a small wooden stall, continuously stirring a roasting pot. Behind her a blind woman pounds shea nuts into a fine powder. Two other women are bent over, straight-backed, in a position that would impress even the most talented yoga practitioner, as they energetically

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Hunger and ambition in rural Ghana

Our resources are not equal to the ambition of our women. We are  capable and motivated and it is frustrating to have so little from which to build. All we’re asking for is the opportunity to work to improve our lives and those of our children My name is Salah Sakearu, I’m 35 and I’m

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Local boy holding baobab fruits

Baobab- the ‘superfood’ that saves lives

  Abandon your quinoa, discard your spirolina, throw away your goji berries. There’s a new superfood in town for 2015 and it’s the baobab fruit.  And it’s being promoted here, there and everywhere for its health-giving properties.  The baobab fruit is a strange beast, encased in large furry pods that hang from the huge tree’s sparse

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