Since being founded in 1987, TREE AID has:

  • Worked with over 1 million people to help lift them out of poverty
  • Grown 17 million trees
  • Improved access and rights for communities to trees
  • Influenced national and international policy

In the last year alone (2016-17), TREE AID has:

  • Helped lift nearly 400k people out of poverty
  • Grown over 1 million trees
  • Regenerated 55k hectares of degraded land

For more information see our latest Annual Review and Reports

Reports and case studies from some of our projects.

Bongo River Trees Project, Ghana

River bank stabilisation and tree planting.

Community Self-Reliance Project, Ghana

Community project ghana
Developing new skills in sustainable tree and land management and product marketing.

Forests for Food Project, Ethiopia

Forests for foodReforestation project in the Amhara Region of central Ethiopia

Kandema Rural Regeneration Project, Ghana

kandema project
Supporting villagers to improve local environmental management.

Non-Timber Forest Product Trade Programme, Ghana

non timber products
Diversifying income sources and improving livelihoods in North Ghana

Trees for Change Project, Burkina Faso

trees for change burkinaSupporting rights of access and control of forest resources to forest management groups.

Women’s Forest Livelihoods Project, Burkina Faso

womens project
Improving women’s access to and management of forests and forest resources.