Christmas Forest donating trees for the drylands of Africa

For every Christmas Tree you buy from Christmas Forest a tree will be planted in the drylands of Africa

Christmas is a magical time of year and to make yourself feel even better you can buy a Christmas tree from Christmas Forest, and help to plant a tree in the drylands of Africa; giving a family access to food and shelter as well as improving the environment.

Long-term supporter Christmas Forest are donating money to plant a tree in Africa for every Christmas tree sold. Christmas Forest have supported TREE AID for the last eleven years and have already helped to plant 251,000 trees in Burkina Faso, Mali and Ethiopia. With ten stores over London and an online service, Christmas Forest are a family business committed to providing real, sustainable Christmas trees.

Christmas Forest have supported people like Mr Moulaye Cézé, who lives in Segou, Mali with his wife and seven children. Before joining a TREE AID project Mr Cézé earned money from the sale of rice and millet. When there was a bad harvest, he struggled to feed his family and pay for household expenses. Through the project Mr Cézé established 1.5 hectares of eucalyptus for his family. The plantation means that Mr Cézé can now provide extra income to pay for his childrens’ schooling. Mr Cézé told us that reforestation is needed as the Sahara approaches. The project has taught him tree planting and maintenance techniques and he tells us that his family’s income is gradually increasing.

In the words of Mr Cézé: “Before, people had no control in the protection of the environment. Now, with awareness, people plant a lot of trees.”

This year Christmas Forest are excitedly offering nationwide delivery so TREE AID supporters from all over the UK can buy an ethical Christmas tree, knowing that they are reducing the numbers of people living in poverty whilst protecting the environment which we all depend on.

For more information and to purchase your tree please visit:
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