Keeping quiet for TREE AID

11 November 2015

Miranda GormleyWhen I heard about the TREE AID Grow Hope campaign I thought I’d like to try to raise some money for it, and I decided to do a sponsored silence.

My family thought this was very funny because I talk quite a lot. Also, I was going to do it on a school day and they said kids would do their best to make me talk. But they said I should give it a go, and the important thing was to try to make a difference.

So I asked friends and family to sponsor me and picked a day when I had every class with my best friend, so she could keep an eye and maybe head off some of the efforts at getting me to talk.
It started off reasonably well. To be honest, I said a couple of words by accident early on, but it was to my best friend and she pretended not to notice so I got away with it. Then I got into my stride a bit more and almost got used to not speaking – but in the last lesson of the day I needed an atlas and without thinking I asked someone to pass it to me. The room was quiet at the time so everyone heard and the place erupted with laughter. There was no getting away with it this time.
It started off reasonably well. To be honest, I said a couple of words by accident early on..

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I tried to laugh along with everyone but I was really annoyed with myself. I thought I’d raise no money for TREE AID and it had been a lot of effort for nothing. But guess what? My parents said that I’d cared enough to try so they’d pay up anyway. My grandmother said the same. My friends? Not so much – but I’ve still raised £70 which will buy a few trees or some equipment for families in Africa so I’m feeling better about it all now.

If you are thinking about doing something to raise money for TREE AID – I’d say do it. Just, maybe, pick something that isn’t too hard for you to do. If enough people raise a little bit, it will make a big difference.

Miranda Gormley (12)
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